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Total Rubia TIR FE range
Total Rubia TIR FE 7200,7900,8600,8900 and fully synthetic TIR FE 9200 are a range of Fuel Economy and Low SAPS lubricants for the latest generation diesel engines.

> Total Rubia TIR FE range

Total Low Saps
Total Low Saps Engine oil presentation

> Low Saps details
 Total Low Saps width=

Total Agriculture
Total Lubricants brochure for Agriculture, Tractagri, dynatrans, multagri, hydragri, agritraite

> Agricultural lubricants
 Total Agriculture width=

Total Concept TP Star Range
Star Max FE 10w/30 (Low Saps) and Star Trans 80w-110 cover the whole range of requirements achieving the dual objective of high technical performance and simplicity of use. Exceptional performance and reduced fuel useage.

> Total Concept TP Star Range
 Total Concept TP Star Range width=

Total Transport Greases
Total Greases for the Auto Industry

> Transport lubricants
 Total Transport Greases  width=

Total Commercial Fleet Rubia FE Range
TOTAL's policy of continuous innovation has enabled its researchers to develop lubricants that use the latest technology to combine high performance and energy savings.

> Total Commercial Fleet Rubia FE Range
 Total Commercial Fleet Rubia FE Range width=

Total Mineral Coolants
Total mineral based coolants and antifreeze

> Mineral Coolants and Antifreeze
 Total Mineral Coolants width=

Total Public Works
Total lubricants for Public Works and Contractors vehicles, Concept TP star max / trans

> Lubricants for public works and contractors
 Total Public Works width=

Total Bio
Total biodegradable and environmental lubricants, Biotraffic, Biotrans, Biohydran, Carter Bio

> Lubricants for the environment
 Total Bio  width=

Total Semi Organic Coolants
Total semi organic coolants and antifreezes

> Semi organic coolants and antifreeze
 Total Semi Organic Coolants width=

Total Transport
Total Lubricants for road transport

> Lubricants for road transport
 Total Transport  width=

Total in Paper Mills
Total Lubricants for the paper industry

> Lubricants for paper mills
 Total in Paper Mills width=

Total Organic coolants
Total organic coolants and anti freeze,Coolelf Supra, Glacelf Supra,

> Coolants and antifreeze
 Total Organic coolants width=

Total Quartz
Total Quartz range of lubricants for passenger vehicles, Quartz Ineo, Quartz 9000,7000,5000 and Quartz future.

> Quartz lubricants for passenger vehicles
 Total Quartz width=

Total for the Railway
Total Lubricants for the rail industry

> Lubricants for the railway
 Total for the Railway width=

Total Soluble Cutting Oils
Total water soluble metalworking fluids

> Soluble metalworking lubricants
 Total Soluble Cutting Oils width=

Total for Steel
Total Lubricants for the Steel Industry

> Lubricants for the steel industry
 Total for Steel width=

Total Metalworking
Total Metalworking lubricants and services

> Total metalworking
 Total Metalworking width=

Total for Food
Total Food lubricants

> Total for Food
 Total for Food width=

Total Aviation
Total Aviation Lubricants, Aero 80, Aero D, Aero XPD, Aero DM, Aeroturbine, Aeroprotective,Aerogear and Nyco.

> Total lubricants for Aviation
 Total Aviation width=

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