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Esso Unirex EP 2

Unirex EP 2 is a premium quality grease that combines advanced lithium complex soap technology and leading edge polymer enrichment technology to provide excellent adhesion, water wash-out resistance, mechanical stability and high temperature performance. Esso Unirex EP 2 TDS


Esso Beacon 325 Grease

A high performance grease specifically formulated for the lubrication of precision equipment operating at moderate and low temperatures. Esso Beacon 325 Grease TDS


Esso TERESSTIC Circulating Oils

TERESSTIC is the brand name for a line of long service life circulating oils. They have proven their superiority over decades of use in both the largest turbines in thermal and hydraulic generating plants, as well as nuclear power plants, and the smaller standby units for emergency power generating or water pumping. Teresstic_Circulating_Oils


Esso Vacmul EDM 2

Vacmul EDM 2 is a high-performance electrical discharge machining oil prepared from a special aromatic free base fluid plus additive to prolong service life. Vacmul EDM 2 pds

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