Fosse Portable Bunds & Pop Up Pool

Fosse Liquitrol

Fosse Portable Bunds & Pop Up Pool

Fosse Portable Bunds – ideal for placing generators, machinery, fuel and oil drums in when on site to contain any incidental spills of liquids.

Fosse Pop Up Pool – ideal for containing liquid spills from damaged drums, machinery, pipe work and as a decontamination pool.

Fosse Mini Foam Wall Bunds – spill containment for vehicles, equipment and containers.

Fosse Portable Bunds – provides a flexible and mobile spill containment. Widely used as bunds for mobile plant and generators, as a method of catching fuel chemical spills as a temporary measure for liquid storage.

Fosse Foam Wall Portable Bunds – suitable for drum and container containment, captures leaks and spills from vehicles, machinery and tanks.

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