Taking the expense out of machine maintenance

One of our customers (a helicopter manufacturing company), had four quenching machines that needed essential maintenance and repair. As part of this process 10,000 litres of good quenching oil needed to be removed from the tanks.

Unfortunately our customer was not able to store the quenching oil onsite while the machine repair and maintenance was being carried out. Rather than waste good quenching oil, Southern Lubricants volunteered to pump out the quench oil tanks into empty IBCs and store it at our warehouse. We also filtered the oil to remove the deposits that form during the quenching process.

Once the maintenance and machine repairs was complete, we delivered the oil back to our customer and pumped it into the tanks. If we had not stored and filtered the quenching oil, this job would have cost our customer £81,000 to replace the 10,000 litres of quenching oil.   The result? A very happy customer who appreciated the additional levels of service that we are able to provide.

About Southern Lubricants

Southern Lubricants has been the leading lubricant supplier in the Southwest of England for more than 30 years.  Our expert and technical knowledge combined with our ability to source all major brands of lubricants, means that we can provide a solution to all your lubricant needs.  While our roots are firmly based in the Southwest, we have customers all over the UK who use us for our technical expertise, superior service and ability to be a single-source supplier.