Southern Lubricants’ Environmental Commitment


What is CO2?

The main contributor to climate change is CO2 or carbon dioxide, this is a greenhouse gas produced through human activity and the burning of fossil fuels. This is an unavoidable aspect of business and our daily lives, however we can reduce our impact over time with smart business decisions, responding to customer and supplier feedback, experimentation and time.

Our response to climate change

As a growing and successful lubricant distributor we have set ourselves a challenging objective; to reduce our emissions wherever possible to become a more responsible and sustainable business. As well as to set a standard where others may be inspired. The journey began slowly but has been picking up speed in the past year, as we discover better ways to increase efficiency and plan for the future. We will implement best practice wherever possible, and respond to all new relevant government legislation.

Our achievements

We have noticed a gradual decrease in month on month emissions from our business activities especially during the summer months. We have improved our routing and made deliveries more efficient to conserve fuel and save extra trips. Our business has grown more collaborative with suppliers especially during these trying times. Our growing range of ‘green’ lubricants has given our customers many options, to replace their petroleum blended lubricants for biodegradable and environmentally friendly products, as more become available into the marketplace.


Most of our emissions have been produced from within the companies own mixed commercial fleet. We have managed to reduce this by beginning to upgrade our fleet, to not only be safer but more fuel efficient and economically friendly. We have also revised our routing to our customers, maximising efficiency to avoid return trips.

Business travel

Our Business Managers travel was our second biggest producer. Southern Lubricants are looking into installing EV charging points and switching our cars to either hybrids or lower emission vehicles, which will greatly reduce our yearly fuel consumption when achieved, reducing our annual CO2 emissions by 20% alone.

How we track our emissions

To calculate our vehicle emissions, we record how many litres of fuel is consumed by all our vehicles, times that by how many kg of CO2 is burned per litre and divide by a thousand for the tonnage. CO2 = Litres X 2.62 / 1,000.

This same process was used for our usage of kerosene, electricity, LPG and more by changing the units and CO2 burned for each litre or kwh. Using the same system we have been keeping track of our consumption, here we can see if our goals are on target and what remedial actions may be required to meet any shortfall.

How we have further reduced our emissions

In order to improve our sustainability, we have an increased our efforts in recycling, conserving more water, working with local business and increasing our own use of sustainable products. These have all had a small but noticeable impact on improving our emissions.

Pollution control

Pollution control is undertaken by a variety of means to prevent environmental damage, through the discharge of chemical substances and pollutants. This is especially important in the lubricant industry and for our commitment to the local environment. We have a robust set of processes and equipment, with a pollution control centre on site. This provides all the necessary equipment needed to deal with oil spills and environmental contamination. Our staff are well trained to follow Oil Storage Regulations and EPA guidelines. Our drivers, when transporting our products, have the confidence and knowledge if they were ever to encounter a spillage during their working day, to meet this challenge and satisfactorily deal with it. Fortunately, due to our careful handling of products, we have yet to record a case of oil contamination or spillages at our warehouse, customer’s premises or on the road.

Honesty and transparency

As we move closer to our goals, we will continue to update our company values and progress on social media to reflect our achievements and share our successes.



“Southern Lubricants work closely with us to understand our needs and the needs of our customers and provide technical training to help improve my team’s product knowledge. We have been exceptionally pleased by the service and support they have provided”
David Quance, Harpers Farm Supplies

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