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Why Choose a Synthetic Lubricant?

“For engine oil where the operating conditions are quite normal, why would you choose a synthetic lubricant? Aren’t synthetics more expensive?” Although a synthetic may cost more initially, the advantages can pay off in the end. Several benefits can be achieved by using a synthetic motor oil, such as better temperature performance, extended drain intervals, […]

Oil Tribology – The most cost-effective way to prevent machine breakdown

What is Oil Tribology? Oil tribology is the analysis of friction, wear, lubrication and contact mechanics, particularly in an engineering and a mechanical context.  Oil analysis looks at additive depletion, wear metals (microscopic metal particles produced when two metal surfaces rub against each other) and other contaminants (dust, water, fuel – even wrong oil grade) within the […]

The fine art of lubrication

At many industrial facilities, the task of equipment lubrication is often assigned to mechanics with little or no lubrication training. These mechanics are handed a grease gun and told to lubricate the points on a particular line or maybe the entire plant. Undoubtedly, lubricating equipment is an important task, not only enabling the mechanic to become […]