Rolls-Royce seal of approval for coolant replacement

A new partnership project between Southern Lubricants and an aerospace manufacturer based in the South West has been given the full Rolls-Royce seal of approval following a rigorous testing phase.


Southern Lubricants business manager Ken Morris spearheaded the project to identify a replacement coolant for the manufacture of Aerofoil blades to be used by Rolls-Royce. Working alongside the manufacturers, the coolant management team selected TRIM® Hypersol 888NXT for a potential replacement. This neo-synthetic fluid, manufactured by Master Fluid Solutions, had already gained a temporary Rolls-Royce approval giving the team confidence it could successfully transition from the testing environment into full-scale production.


The team produced a batch of 10 components to Rolls-Royce specification CME 5043 and from this selected a single batch to be put through metallurgical examination. Following rigorous testing, they found that TRIM® Hypersol 888NXT did not have a detrimental effect on the surface or integrity of the component.


The results were submitted to Rolls-Royce for assessment. Following their review, they granted TRIM® Hypersol 888NXT full Rolls-Royce approval, allowing the project to progress to the next stage of testing with the new coolant moving it into a production environment.