Southern Lubricants Named As Master Fluid Solutions’ Premier Distributor in the UK

Southern Lubricants is thrilled to have been chosen as Master Fluid Solutions’ premier distributor in the United Kingdom.

Southern Lubricants has worked with Master Fluid Solutions for many years and has built a reputation with them as a trusted distributor based on our knowledge, expertise and excellent customer service.

This announcement means that Southern Lubricants will be responsible for all Master Fluid Solution’s customers south of Birmingham. Globally, Master Fluid Solutions operates via a network of approved distributors rather than selling direct. The restructuring of the U.K. business aligns with this global strategy.

This transition will bring many benefits to customers such as local stocking of Master Fluid Solution products based upon customer needs, regular service / support from our coolant specialist and access to complimentary lubricant product ranges.

Beginning Monday 3 August 2020, all orders and shipments will be processed by Southern Lubricants. We look forward to keeping the current pricing structure the same and offering the same excellent service and technical support.

For further information please call 0845 500 5767.