Transition from Lubricants Driver to Coolant Technician

In 2007, I was made redundant from my former employer who I had been with for 23 years. I was struggling to find work in my local area, as winter was coming up, work was scarce. I was asked if I wanted a couple of days a week driving for Southern Lubricants to which I accepted. Not long after I had begun driving for them, I was asked if I would like to join the company on a full time basis. This was great for me as it meant a regular income again!


Unfortunately, in September 2021, I had a car accident whilst travelling to work. I suffered a broken and crushed vertebrae. This kept me off work for 5 long months. I knew from then on things were going to be different for me in terms of my capabilities. In fact, I felt terrified as I could no longer do what I was employed to do. Would there be a job for me to go back to?


Southern Lubricants stepped up and found me a different position within the company as a ‘Coolant Technician’. I now test coolants within different businesses to check bacteria levels. This is a job I am really beginning to enjoy, not only because it is a job that I can perform within my new limits, but also it is very interesting to see what firms do inside as appose to only seeing the company from a goods in perspective.



“Although I have really enjoyed my time delivering to firms across the South West and meeting different people doing different jobs, I have not looked back!”


“I am so grateful to the Directors of Southern Lubricants for giving me this opportunity to carry on with the company. Hopefully, I can repay them by making this role a success! I also want to thank our Business Managers Martin Smith and Ken Morris for helping me settle into this role and sharing their expertise. I look forward to meeting lots of new companies in the future!”


We wish you all the best in your new role at Southern Lubricants Paul and we are absolutely positive you will make every success of it with your hard work, dedication and charming ways! – Southern Lubricants.