Machine Cleaning

Enter John Bussell, our new Head of Coolant Management, who is working with his team to help customers manage and maintain their coolants and lubricants, identify potential problems ahead of time and avoid HSE incidents.

“Contaminated fluids are detrimental to business in so many ways, from reducing the effectiveness and lifespan of your machinery to causing health and safety issues,” says John. “Our range of coolant management services includes routine cleanouts, fluid checks, dipslide reports and refractometer and Ph readings to give you the information and visibility you need to make informed decisions and keep your business running.”

John and his sidekick Freddy, our SL-branded sump sucker, will be carrying out a full range of fluid management services, including:

  • Ph and bacteria dipslide checks
  • refractometer and Ph readings
  • HSE assessments
  • routine machine cleanouts
  • stock control
  • CNC machine cleanouts
  • metalworking fluid checks
  • sump cleanouts

To find out more about how our smooth operators can help keep your business running efficiently, please contact your business account manager or the office on 0845 500 57 67.

Case Study

Taking the expense out of machine maintenance

One of our customers (a helicopter manufacturing company), had four quenching machines that needed essential maintenance and repair. As part of this process 10,000 litres of good quenching oil needed to be removed from the tanks. Unfortunately our customer was not able to store the quenching oil onsite while the machine repair and maintenance was […]

Case Study

Our Coolant Service Engineer John, consistently hitting the mark.

Great feedback received from a happy customer.

“Southern Lubricants work closely with us to understand our needs and the needs of our customers and provide technical training to help improve my team’s product knowledge. We have been exceptionally pleased by the service and support they have provided”
David Quance, Harpers Farm Supplies

Harpers Farm Supplies