Custom-fit filtration

A large clay quarrying company in Cornwall contacted us because they had concerns about an old derv tank developing a leak. It was near a watercourse, held of a mixture of fuel and water, and was badly rusted.

We visited the site to inspect the tank and fuel. After analysing the fuel samples, we suggested that by using a one-pass filtration system, the fuel could be removed and reused at a different site at the quarry, saving the company a significant amount of money.

Using the information obtained from the fuel samples, we asked our supplier to custom-fit a one-pass filtration unit to filter out the exact amount of water found in the fuel from the derv. On the day of filtration, the mobile filtration unit was connected to the tank and the derv was pumped through the filters. All the fuel then passed through a gauge which monitored the composition of the fuel to make sure it met the required fuel standards. We then changed the filters based on these readings to ensure that all the water was removed.

We pumped more than 37,000 litres of clean derv from the old tank into a tanker and transported it to our customer’s yard 10 miles away. By filtering off the clean derv we were able to save our customer more than £50,000 in waste removal fees and replacement derv costs.

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